Our services range – for your entire transport fleet

What we can do for you

Employees with semi-knowledge of mobility issues work in every company - why do you settle for this with respect to the supervision of your fleet, even accepting risks?

TF Fuhrpark Consulting take control of the entire or partial management of your transport fleet. In addition to optimizing the costs and sustainability of your fleet, we also keep an eye on all legal principles in order that you need not to have any worries and can fully concentrate on your business.

Customer proximity, short distances and extensive experience – that`s us

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A fleet of vehicles, whether small or large, nowadays raises a large number of economic, content and legal questions. We help you to find the right answers.

Fleet management

Finding suitable employees with the appropriate expertise is not easy for many companies. Human resources are also a valuable asset. So leave the management of your fleet to us!

Claims management

The handling of accident damages requires a lot of time and know-how. We are happy to do this for you, so that you can concentrate fully on your company.

Leasing return

Only at the end of the leasing period will you know whether you have chosen the right lessor. In order not to be surprised when billing during leasing return, please talk to us beforehand.

Owner liability

"You're in prison with one foot" may be a bit of an exaggeration, but fines and points have already been awarded. As owner, managing director or fleet manager, you are the focus here. That can be avoided with us.


A new car is a resource commitment of the employee who has to pick it up. It makes more economic sense to bring the car to the employee. Talk to us.

We simply want to be the best for you.

Experience cannot be replaced and we know what we are doing. Why are you still hesitating?