Leasing return

The return of leased vehicles - for many a sealed book – but not for us!

At the leasing return, the vehicle should be in a condition which corresponds to the running time and mileage. This is by all means a legally wide concept with great scope for interpretation.

We know what to do and protect you from avoidable expenses / additional costs / claims!

What we can do for you

  • Cost estimate of customer collides with that of the lessor
  • Restructuring of the return process
  • Nationwide inspection of vehicles by our network of appraisers and certified experts
  • Calculation of damages and impairment, taking into account the return standards agreed on in the leasing contract
  • Minimization of leasing return costs
  • Relying on our established network of experienced partners in the areas of smart repair and car body construction

Save time, money and nerves

We disburden you and take over the entire management of your fleet.